Thursday, February 21, 2008

TAG! I'm it! I must be a slow runner...

6 Interesting Facts? Oi, I don't think I've got six interesting facts, but here goes...

1. I have a horrible memory. I think this is why I re-read books about a brazillion times (that's a numbe according to a funny joke including Mr. President Bush. Ask me later!) I'm trying a day planner hoping I will remember little things like dates I've said I would do stuff, etc. So far...well...I'm a work in progress.

Dos. I didn't want to get married until I was near 30. Shocking, I know, considering I was married at 18. But, I mean c'mon, it was Brett. I had to snag 'em while I could!

Three: Seceretly (shhh) I want to be a writer. Probably because I read a lot etc. But I don't have the (even now I can't think of the words...) that's it, I don't have the WORDS in me. I have so many characters in my head, some of them you've met, haha, but I just can't bring them to life.

4.'s see...Oh, here's one. I really enjoy working out, unless it's with Tanya, because she scares me. Haha, no actually I really enjoy working out all together. Tanya pushes me, and it's nice, cause I get all sweaty and I really like getting sweaty while I work out cause then I feel like I'm actually accomplishing something! And then afterwards I'm all sore and stiff, and seriously, those are some of the greatest feelings in the world to me!

5. I'm sad when the kids are napping. I miss them. Of course sometimes I'm like "Hallalujah! They're asleep!" But most of the time I just want to go in and wake them up and play some more.

Lastly...I too hate doing the laundry (please see Gillespie post =) But I also REALLY HATE wearing dirty clothes. It's a conundrum. But I do enjoy washing the kids clothes, because they're so little and cute (the clothes AND the kids).

See, not very interesting. I don't read magazines backwards (which is so funny Amber! Now I just want to sit and watch you read one!) I think this would be better if Brett were writing down itneresting things. He's interesting. Maybe that's what I'll do. I'll make him do it. Ok, I tag BRETT and Stephanie about to have a baby Behunin.


The Gillespie Family said...

I won't read it backwards if you're watching me. It's just something I do, but it's not on purpose. I really had no idea I did until Chris said something.

The Gillespie Family said...

I can't read it backwards if I know you're watching me! It's just something that has to happen.

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