Saturday, February 02, 2008


The beginning of January Brett and I got to go to Mexico for a whole week! Here is a picture of Brett, Bradley and Brandon at the airport in Utah at 5 a.m. No resemblence... And to the right is me with my coveted ticket to Houston. Must get to Houston...oh wait, we're going to Mexico...must get to Mexico..
Then we made it, and they actually let Brett INTO another country, I don't know what this worlds coming to. Here we are after going through customs. So happy. And this is where the jealousy comes in...this is a view from our balcony. We were a one minute walk away from the beach. It was so beautiful. We would leave the balcony door open and just sleep to the sound of the ocean. It was awesome!

Here is Brett dreaming of being in Mexico...oh wait, we are in Mexico! Woo Hoo! This is at a little hammock pavilion. They had two of them. You could just go out and relax in a hammock anytime you wanted to.

Here we all are at dinner. The whole restaurant was surrounded in windows, which they left open most of the time. This was our first night there, and it was nice to have the sea wind blowing on us. It was so warm! Plus, this restaurant had the best ever spaghetti pomadoro. It was all fresh tomatos. It was so good! In this picture is Marilyn, Mike, Jon, Sandra, Scott, Shareen, Brandon, and Brett. I don't know where Bradley was...

Here's Brandon and Brett,one of the best things about the trip was all the time Brett got to spend with his two brothers.
Here is Brett being lost in Playa Del Carmen. Not really. No, he never gets lost. And here I am reading The Scarlet Pimpernel on the balcony in our room. It was so warm at night, but tonight I think it was raining. And to the far far right are Me, Brett, Sandra and Jon in a little taco placein Playa. Brett got to eat real good stuff for once. No hamburger helper in Mexico.

Here Brett and I are after snorkling in Xel-Ha. This was the funnest day. We also got to float down the lazy river, ride bicycles, cliff dive, and feed lizards. We weren't supposed to feed the lizards, but you know us Americans, we can never follow the rules...
Here's a picture of how clear the water was

I can't remember if this was at Xel-Ja or
by our hotel. None the less.. beautiful!

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Tanya D said...

the week you were in mexico was the longest week of my life. but at least some good came from it all, you got a tan(at least, that's what you said.) your blog just keeps getting cuter and cuter, and so much of your fun personality it gushing all over it. i love our little neffites.

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