Friday, May 23, 2008

Astrology 101

I.E. Weird Science

I'm borrowing a book from a coworker on Astrology and the Zodiac and all that lunacy, yuk yuk, and since Brett and I had time on our hands last night (a very rare event, indeed) we had time to read all about each others Zodiac. Brett is a Libra. I always knew he was perfect, but this book just slaps it in my face. It was interesting and a little bit creepy reading about the attributes of our Zodiacs. For example, Brett is very level headed and democratic. He tends to be more liberal, he's the leader of his house (the Zodiac house, not our physical house, I'm the leader of that!) and likes tall babes with long flowing hair. Wow, so not me, but that's ok, because he's always been one to see outside the cookie cutter stereotypes of his Zodiac; something he's struggled with all his life...or just since last night. Either way.

Then we get to me. The reason this is so funny is that I took a "Which Princess Are You?" quiz, out of pure boredom yesterday...Ok, I was determined to be Megara, but that's beside the point. Anyway, I was so ashamed of the answer, that I refused to put it on my blog, but now, because the stars and the moon and all the planets in the solar system say it must be so, I will tell you, I am Cinderella. Euw. One of my least favorite Disney Princesses. C'mon girl, get off your pity party, march back to that castle in rags and all and claim your man! But this book, this book, whose writers are probably basing their information on stuff they pull out of their bottoms, referred to this same persona for at least 5 pages of my Zodiac. All about Cindy and the step-sisters. But after Brett read the last page, as we were pulling into our driveway at 11:30 pm, kids sleeping peacefully and blissfully unaware of their parents evil Wicken ways in the front seat, I started to realize that indeed, I am Cindy. Cancers are ruled by the night; everything significant that happens to Cindy is during the night-fairy god-mother, the ball, meeting the prince, transformation, etc. Also, mice are night creatures. Also, pumpkins grow during the night. Sort of interesting. Cindy also uses her femanine wiles to ensare Prince Charming (that's right, I said ensare, we know our powers.) To sum up, though, apart from all the Cinderella analogies, Cancers are emotional strong creatures who seek a Prince (last reference, I promise) and are eteranally loyal to them as long as they can handle the crabs emotional outbursts and chaos.

Lucky Brett.

It is my emotional nature to accept things as final with an ease that others envy. I've accepted that I'm Cinderella. My Prince, undoubtedly, is Brett. I knew it the second I laid eyes on him and my roommate said, "I get the tall one," and I was willing to break her legs to get him. As for the glass slipper...I have big fat feet. I think they got that part of the story wrong. It should've been an Old Navy Flip Flop. You can't blame them for trying...

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