Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Hubby Tag

This is great! I've always wanted to do one of these, since Brett RARELY contributes to our blog. This is really my fault, regardless, I'm still excited. Here we go:

Husband Tag
1.What is his name? Brett Michael Neff Hot-Stuff
2.Who eats more? Sadly, I do. He would forget to eat if I didn't remind him. He likes to eat, don't get me wrong, he just forgets to do it.
3.Who said I love you first? I did. It was followed by a long stream of insults though, as in "I love you, but you're being a MASSIVE JERK!" One month later, the jerk finally said it on the same day I had my very first (of a total of 3) anxiety attacks.
4.Who is taller? Guess! Hmm, I'm going to have to say him. It's sort of funny though, he's 6'1", but you'd never know it to look at him. He says that's because his head is so big. But really, he's massive.
5. Who is smarter? I would have to say he is. Book smarts, me. Everything else, which is what really matters, him. Definitely him.
6.Who is more sensitive? Me. In fact, I've only ever seen him mad or upset a handful of times.
7.Who does the laundry? I like Tanya's answer to this. I do, however I get him to help often. I'm pretty tricky, but I'm sure he's wise to my manipulating. I'll say things like, "Hey hon, can you run downstairs and just real quick take the clothes out of the dryer. Oh, and put the clothes in the washer into the dryer, and then throw this load into the washer?" He falls for it every time.
8.Who pays the bills? Well, we're both REALLY forgetful when it comes to this. That is why we've set EVERYTHING up on auto pay. So, the bank pays the bills. Thanks bank!
9.Who cooks more? We cook about the same. He's a better cook though. I'm so by the book. He loves to experiment, and it almost always tastes good. But it's taken me 5 years to trust his judgement. He says I'm a pretty good cook, but I think he has to say that, because, as in question 6, I'm more sensitive.
10.What meals do you cook together? If it's BBQ, we cook together. He does the BBQ-ing, and I do everything else. I'm perfectly happy with this. I have a tendency to burn things on the grill. I hate the grill. I loathe the grill. Breakfast, too. I hate making pancakes, and he and the kids love them, so I do all the rest while he does the pancakes. And cookies and brownies we make together. He has to be there for this part to sneak in extra chocolate, even if the recipe doesn't call for chocolate...at all.
11.Who is more stubborn? Me, for sure. Poor kid. Still, he can be a donkey at times as well. When he is though, he's mostly just doing it deliberately, to piss me off. It works.
12.Who is first to admit they're wrong? One of the reasons we've made it these past 5 years (long time, I know!) is that we both are good at admitting we're wrong. Or, if the other one proves the other is wrong, neither of us are real prideful and can just let it go. I really love this about him.
13.Who is more clean? Neither of us. But I get anxious if it's messy, and it's usually messy. The only thing he likes clean is our bedroom, and it's usually messy. He likes a clean house, but doesn't care enough to do anything about it, like nag me to clean it. On the other hand, if I'm in a grumpy mood, he'll clean, because he knows it makes me feel better. He's cute.
14. Who has more siblings? He does. 1 sister and two younger brothers. I have a half sister, a step brother and a step sister. So, technically it's even, but we don't see my siblings nearly as often as we see his.
15. Who wears the pants in the relationship? Aww, some more wise words from Tanya. He's the head of the family, but I'm the neck that turns the head. Really though, I probably do. Only because he's so laid back, he really doesn't care one way or the other. Sometimes this is nice, other times it's like "Have a bloody opinion already! Tell me what restaurant you want to eat at! What do you want for dinner!? Make up my mind for me!" That sort of thing. But if this is my worst complaint, I'll take it!
16.What do you like to do together? This is a family blog, folks. But other than that, we like to watch movies, read the same books, talk about the gospel, talk about/listen to music, go out on dates, cook together.
17. Who eats more sweets? He does. There's not even a competition here. The kid has to eat at least a pound of candy a day. We have a separate fund for his candy fetish. If you go to his desk at work, you will find a year supply of candy for most people. This usually gets him through the week.
18.Guilty pleasure? Spending money on music crap...er...stuff, or snowboarding. I would say eating candy, but it's not a guilty pleasure, he feels NO GUILT for it.
19.How did you meet? It was a cold, dark night. Actually, it was warm, and we met at Institute at the SLCC Redwood campus. His friend looked familiar momentarily, and then when I realized he wasn't the person I thought he was, it was too late, we were already talking. Then he pointed over to a group of his friends, inviting us over to chat, and I saw him in all his red-headed glory. The most gorgeous man I've ever, and will ever, lay eyes on. You think I'm exaggerating? Ask Melanie how I acted for six months, EVERY DAY, after I met him. I couldn't form a coherent sentence. I giggled 23 hours of the day. I texted so much to him, I got callouses on my thumbs (a bit of a hyperbole there for ya!) We saw each other every single day after that night.
20.Who kissed who first? It depends who you ask. Here's how it went down. I had known him exactly one week, and he was the one for me: I just had to convince him of that. I took him to Ensign peak for his birthday, and with a little help from my roommate, had a lovely little scene set up with his guitar and music. He serenaded me (for his birthday, it was awesome) and for the very first time in my entire life, I was shy. Then, for the very first time in HIS life, he wasn't. He said, "So, when do I get my birthday kiss?" I'm pretty sure I glowed scarlet, but I leaned forward and kissed him. Here is where the eternal debate lies. HE SAYS I opened my mouth. I SAY he shoved his tongue in mouth. I'll stop there, again, this is a family blog.
**Grossed out yet?**
21.Who proposed? He did. After he proposed to his mother.
22.His best features? There are too many. His red hair and his smile are my favorite physical features if he's wearing his shirt. Otherwise, it would be his chest/shoulders/arms. He looks scrawny, but the kid is buff. He can lift me up, and that's saying something. Personality wise, everything. He's the happiest-go-luckiest man I've ever known. He brightens the dreariest of days for me. His sole purpose in life is serving me, and I adore it.
23.What is his greatest quality? Oh, um, I already answered that one. Personal slave.

I hubby tag Alysea (even though David's not her hubby, and he'd have my head if I said he was), Lacey (because I'd love to know more about her dimple-faced hubby) and Melanie, because he husband makes me laugh, and I love how they met and fell in love. And Amber, because I've never met someone who loves to talk about their husband SO MUCH. It's kind of cute, when it's not nauseating! Kidding Amber, only kidding.


Amber said...

I only talk about him becasue he's the greatest thing on the earth! I did a hubby tag not too long ago, so I'll pass this time. It was nice to read how you met-I never knew that.

Tanya said...

i can always count on you to give me a good chuckle for the day. i liked that you called brett a donkey. i'm not sure why i think that's so funny, but i'm giggling as i type. i need a personal slave. where do you think i could get a good one if the puerto rican is busy???

Jace and Lacie Muramoto said...

Don't know your husband from Adam, and yet... I freaking love him!

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