Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Not one but TWO random side notes!

One: I'm now reading Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire. I have been dispiritedly informed by my father-in-law that after this book, I can say goodbye to my cutsie wootsie Harry Potter Wizard books and say hello to the reality of magic-whatever that means. In my world of magic, everything is innocent and wonderful, and all the Harry Potters beat the Voldemorts, and all the Malfoy's get electric treatment by goblins, and all the Hermione's end up with the Ron's. For all that, I'm reading on. I may finish the last book with a swear under my breath as my father-in-law predicts, none the less, I'm way excited!!!!

One and a half: Oh, oh, also, the Eclipse with the first chapter of Breaking Dawn comes out in four days. I am experiencing no minimal amount of excitement over this. Translate that!

Two: I realize that I'm generally a sarcastic person (shocking, I know). I just want to say that despite the scoffing and sneering comments I throw on my blog (like despairing words to live by, for example) I really do appreciate the beauty and wonders of the world, and truly am a hopeful, happy person. It's just that it's so much fun to laugh. So, even though I don't slap on the sappy motivational words of the wise on everything, and always have something sarcastic to say in my posts, I really am not a dry, dark, human being who only crawls out of the depths of my deep, damp cave to depress everyone. Most of the time.

Have a nice day!

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