Monday, May 12, 2008

Pneumonia, Pleurisy and The Producers

It's been forver! How are you, my three dedicated readers? Me, I'm struggling, but getting there! Here's what's been goin' on in my little slice of the world:

Wednesday I was diagnosed with Pneumonia.

Kelly: Isn't that the stuff I'm supposed to clean with?
Brett: No dear, that's ammonia.
Doctor: Is she normally so stupid?

Yes, yes she is.

Thursday and Friday passed in somewhat of a mucusy blur of aching lungs and a frazzled husband. Bless his heart. My lungs hurt more, because now some lining is infected as well. The doctor was spitting out all these technical words like pleurisy and lungs.

Saturday, my darling dear of a sweet and slightly sadistic husband abashedly (is that a word? Sure, why not) gave me my mothers day present: tickets to The Producers. He felt so bad, but what could the poor dear do? Not to mention it's the most thoughtful gift. So, I slept all day Saturday in hopes that I would have energy (and less phlegm) by 5:00. It didn't happen, oh well, we set off.
We were running on time, which for any of you who know me, that's late in my book, when all of the sudden a bolt breaks lose from the breaks on our mini-van. Of course, we didn't know it was this at the time, never the less, we pulled over to safety with only 13 minutes to get to the musical. Luckily, my dad lives just up the street, and he rescued us. As he was dropping us off, the usher was ushering the last-second people in, which we were apart of. We made it. And I'd like to make a public apology for all those sitting within a fifteen foot radius of me at the musical: I'M SO SORRY! Laughing makes me cough.


Cheyenne and Seth and Co. said...

That is horrible! I hope you are feeling somewhat better, and by better I mean I hope you aren't coughing up your lungs. When I think of pneumonia I think of being cold, so I hope you stay warm:) ANyhow, I hope the musical was really fun

Lacie Moto said...

Oh I am so jealous! I love Musicals! I want to go see Wicked so bad, I haven't seen it.

Ryan Nigbur said...

Hi Brett and Kelly. I saw your blog address on Jo's blog. Your kids are absolutely adorable. I think it's about time for another get together. Maybe this summer. Kelly, sorry to hear you have pneumonia. Hope you start feeling better.

Hayley Nigbur

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