Monday, May 05, 2008

Good Food, Good Friends add up to a Fun Weekend

Had a wonderful weekend with good friends and good BBQ. I have my very first sinus infection, and I have to apologize for ever thinking that these were just slightly painful stuffy noses. So bare with me on this post, my head is a little fuzzy.

Brett got creative this weekend and decided to hook up our computer to our TV. Where he gets these ideas is beyond me. Anyway, Saturday night, rather, Sunday morning around 12:30 AM, the Duckworths and the Neff's enjoyed a completely random game of solitaire. That's right, we all sat there and watched me play solitaire. The best part came when we won the game, and all the cards came falling down. It must have been late, because we all sat there and watched them, every single card, all 52. Oddly enough, it was fun. Then, again totally random, we played a little Sim City. I have to say, I never knew you could play solitaire and Sim City with 4 people. It was awesome.

Earlier in the evening we played a way awesome game called "Nurtz"! Haha, I remembered the name FINALLY! It was a blast. I thought for sure the Hancuff's would dominate, but Kimby and Joey snuck in under the radar and had a couple of pretty good games, leaving Joey in the lead, Tanya following closely behind. The Neff's, as usual, had their minds elsewhere, and came in last. But it was fun none the less!!!


The Days said...

Hey Kelly! Sounds like you guys did have a great weekend. I was a little worried because Brett said you were coming to my graduation party, and I wanted to be sure you guys were okay!

Tanya said...

i really was not supposed to be contagious and i am so sorry if i got you sick...i blame my loss on the fact that i couldn't even see what was going on across the table, and that my house rules were changed, and that i had to help cody very so often. those ribs were so good.

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