Monday, May 19, 2008

Some things I've missed

It has been a LONG 12 days, let me tell you. Here are some things I've missed:


My kids. They've been very patient with me. On Friday, though, Cohen asked me to go to Daycare with him. I really, really, REALLY wanted to.


Being outside. My house has been dark and dingy for 12 days, all the while the weather has been AMAZING. Very depressing.

Lungs that you're not aware of due to the blinding pain. Ok, not blinding, but annoying none the less.


Taking care of myself and my family. Poor Brett, bless his heart.

A clean house. Poor Brett, bless his heart.


But I did finish reading the second "Airy Potta", as Brett would say. On to the third...

And thanks for your comments and support and dinner and calls and love and all that jazzy.

1 comment:

The Days said...

lHey Kelly! I'm so sorry about the pneumonia-I wanted to bring dinner but Jared and I have been really sick this past week (and still sick today!), and didn't want to get you more sick. Thanks for calling us Saturday! We were so bummed we couldn't go, especially because it's been so long!

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