Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Stimulate This!

Without sounding unpatriotic and without getting myself arrested for terrorism, just a quick little rant about our lovely government (in case you're reading this FBI Agent Prentis, even though this isn't your field and you're an imaginary character on a TV show, the Govn't rocks man!) Brett and I have been excitedly waiting for our chance to stimulate the economy with our happy little fish being sent to us. Yesterday, after weeks of anticipated waiting, biting our nails, balancing and re-balancing our $3.67, we received the coveted envolope branded with IRS on the bottom right hand corner.

This is it, Brett said, anxiously ripping open the envelope.

I could barely contain my excitment. Money, thousands and thousands and thousands of pennies worth, all for free! My breathing hastened, then stopped, because I still have pleurisy and for a moment thought a little nymph was stabbing me in the chest with his little sword and then lighting it on fire and dancing around laughing it up...

"This is a letter to inform you that you will be receiving your Economic Stimulus Check May 23, 2008..." blah blah blah.

A letter. To tell us that in 3 DAYS we would receive another envelope, but with an actual check.


On the bright side, we're getting a few more thousand pennies than we thought we would. So much for teaching us to fish. Oh well, I can't fish without my Brooks and Dunns CD singing about Neon Signs and boots that scoot and boogy in that hideaway stuck out in the woods. See, I'm American and Patriotic. Yee Haw.

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Alysea said...

You have no idea how hard I laughed at this. too funny!! I love the visual of a nymph stabbing you in the chest with a sword.... you have definitely been reading harry potter. Whenever I read harry potter i see everything in magical terms. my dad and I came up with the angry ice machine fairy while both reading harry potter. i'll have to explain someday...

: D

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