Tuesday, May 27, 2008


I thought it would be fun to see who came to the blog and visited, but now I'm all sorts of nervous about what to write. Especially because people keep saying things like, "You're not putting that on your blog are you?" Or, "Don't I need to sign a disclosure that allows you to put those pictures on the internet?" No. Well, yes to the first, always, and no to the second, HAHAHAHAHAHA. It's a God Complex.

Anyway, I got some AWESOME pictures from our Memorial Day shenanigans (everyone agreed to participate for you Cora, so I hope you enjoy!), but as it was 5:28 AM when I left the house and my brain is still on sleep-in-mode, I forgot the camera. So, it'll have to wait until tomorrow, assuming I'm not on sleep-in-mode still.

On a side note, because I know how much you enjoy hearing about how cute and perfect and absolutely adorable my angelic little children are, I will share with you lasts nights prayer. By far my favorite.

So, Cohen said his prayer first. Definately adorable, but what's notable is Kembry's attempt.

Mommy: Ok, Jeany, your turn. Let's say a prayer.
She folds her arms again and bows her head to her chest.
Mommy: Heavenly Father...
Kembry: Hebenly Fadder...blessings...dank dee...
Cohen: Thank thee for my blessings...
Kembry: Blessings...
She lifts up her head and looks around and then grabs her blanky and holds it to her face
Kembry: Dank dee for banky. Amen.

Oh, thank you Target and Amy what's-your-designer-name for creating the way cute pink and brown butterfly soft blanket that caused this moment. Cutest. Kid. Ever. Amen.

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