Thursday, May 29, 2008

Aunt Woo Update

Aunt Woo is all done with Chemotherapy and Radiation. They even sent home her radiation scary hockey mask-looking face. She's lost a lot of her hair, but not all of it. She's really tired and has a runny and sore nose and her left eye doesn't seem to want to stop leaking. We'll get to know how the whole treatment worked in about 6 weeks, so we'll keep you posted!

Thank's again for your comments, thoughts and prayers. We're so grateful for Susan and all that she does for our family. We've really missed her over these past couple of weeks when she hasn't been at Sunday dinner. Memorial Day breakfast and cemetary visits weren't the same without her. We're hopeful and excited to get her back to her old country-hopping self. We love you Woo Woo!

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