Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Chubb Chubbs

I can't believe it's "officially" been six months since my Chubby Wubbkins was born.

At six months Chloe weighs in at a whopping 18 pounds!  She's an undetermined number of inches long (we haven't had her six month check up yet) but let me just say this: SHE'S LONG!

She doesn't fit into most 6 months clothes, but needs the larger, longer 9-12 month.

Chloe loves to nurse, nurse, and nurse.  That pretty much sums it up.  Oh, and puke.

She also LOVES family peek-a-boo, and her brother Cohen.   No, no, that doesn't seem to cover it.  Chloe ADORES her brother Cohen.  He only has to look at her, and she starts to giggle.  The kid is charming, but, there's something going on there I don't understand.  JK.

Anyway, if you read my earlier post, you know she's not rolling over, not sitting up, and pretty much plays "lump on a log" like a pro.

She does eat, a lot.  In addition to the butter milk I seem to be pumping into her, she has devoured baby cereal and peas.  Oh, and cream, Jello, spaghetti sauce...and I think that's all for now.  Oh, a sip of coke.  That was funny.

The last six months have flown by.  Three kids is so much fun (and a lot of work), but so worth it.

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