Thursday, February 03, 2011

Decisions Decisions

Remember a few months back when I was all cryptic about "making big decisions" and "changing my families lives forever" and I didn't say anything conclusive to you?

Like, you could've been thinking I was giving away a kidney or something totally selfless like that.

Or perhaps joining the Marine Corp.

Or maybe putting Kembry in the movies and thus destroying any future of normalcy she may or may not have had with her incredibly gorgeous blue eyes and perfect hair?

Well, nothing so serious.  My husbands job was/has been/is trying to transfer him.

My husband has this ridiculous adventure bone that I keep trying to snap in two but it's just not working.  He wanted to rip me out of my comfort zone called Utah and force me to move to some foreign land called Rhode Island.  It's like, 90% forest and wild animal, and something about bodies of water...all I know is that it's freaking across the entire freaking country.

And so another option presented itself in the form of warm, sunny, beautiful, bleak Arizona.  Arizona where the lizards tan in mid-January.  Arizona, where I'd have to permanently store my winter coat.  Arizona, where the houses cost a fraction of the houses here.  Oh, and of course, Stephenie Meyers lives there.  So, it has a few flaws, but not too bad.

Anyhoodle, my hubband was "officially" offered the job there this morning.  So now we have to "officially" decide if that's what we want to do.


Granted, this freezing cold weather we're experiencing has me slightly biased in pro of Arizona.  Still, I mean, c'mon:

Rhode Island; euw.  Yuck.  Brrrrr.

Arizona.  Yessssssss.

Rhode Island.  Pretty...sure.



I think my decision is made.

Have you relocated?  Are you away from your family?  Give me some direction here, friends.

Kelly Ready-For-Sunny-Days Out

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