Thursday, February 24, 2011


Here are some random pictures from this fall of our backyard.  To the right of all these pictures (not pictured) is the trampoline, gymboree, sandbox, and shed.  This is about half the yard.  (Riding lawn mower included.)

Here is a corner of the yard.  Our backyard neighbors 6 backyards.  If that can give you a clue to how large it is....

Where you see bushes is flower garden.  Just to the left of that is a large vegetable/fruit garden

Aww, here is the trampoline and gymboree.  The gymboree has rubber mulch and a sandbox.  And the trampoline is in-ground.

Stud-muffin whose great with kids is not included.  But that's the shed behind, and the other half of the patio.  It stretches the length of the house.

Here's our sink.  Yay!  Although, it should be noted, we have reverse osmosis water, which is delish.  Especially if you don't like to chew your water.  Magna water, yuck.

Lovely, um...cupboards and a gorgeous slate backsplash.  New counter tops.

New microwave.  We sanded and stained the cupboards a yummy cherry chocolate.  Brushed silver knobs.  Also, just to the right of this is a double oven.  So, if you need three ovens, there you have it.

Next to the fridge, a little extra cupboard and counter top space.

I'll need to find/take pictures of the rest of the house.  But, there ya have it!  Now buy it!  Just kidding...but seriously...

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