Monday, February 21, 2011

Remember, Remember

I've been having problems.

Mental problems.

I love my Chubb's, but if she doesn't start letting me get some sleep, I may just forget who she is.  Who I am.  Who anyone is.

When you're completely exhausted, your brain shuts down some unnecessary parts of thinking and living.

For example, typing.  I can no longer type.  It's already taken me 20 minutes and 3 million backspaces to type this much.

For another, to put your wallet back in your purse after purchasing a totally unnecessary shirt.  In Park City (which is approximately 30 minutes up a windy and snowy canyon from my house).

So I forgot my wallet.  After much ridicule from my husband on Saturday, we all got ready to make the trip back up the canyon to get it.  As I was zipping up my coat, he has the audacity to ask me, "Is that what you're wearing?"

Um, you got a problem with what I'm wearing?

Yes, he says.

I look down before I finish zipping up my coat and realize: I'm not wearing a shirt.

Apparently it takes a lot of brain power to remember to wear a shirt, and my cranium just shut that portion down.

Here's to better sleep in Arizona, and remembering to pack my bed...

Kelly Out

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