Saturday, March 05, 2011

A Little Pontification for Your Enjoyment

I read this post today on Facebook:

"This is why immigration law should be enforced. Because illegal immigrants have no respect for the law or this country."

I know Lucy, I know.  

Don't worry, Rikki is safe.

We couldn't do without that sexy accent of his.  (Wait, isn't he dead?)

What was I saying?  Aw yes.  I couldn't believe my eyes.  Well, actually, I could, because this was the FOURTH post I read like that today on my page.  These people are my friends?  

I know that a lot of these comments are coming from a statistic that was broadcast on a local news station.  (And I'm going to get the exact numbers wrong, but does that really matter)  Something about 8% of drug busts were immigrant, and of those 8% something around 83% of drugs were "taken off the streets".


Here are the immediate, obvious questions a person who thinks about what she's hearing asked herself (myself):

A) How do we know 83% of drugs were taken off the streets?  Do we have an accurate count of the drugs on the streets?  Does someone go out, "Yes, hello, I'm the drug counter.  Could you please tell me the number of drugs in your possession.  Thank you so very much."  

B) Why does it matter if these people were immigrants.  A criminal is a criminal is a criminal.  I don't care where you came from or where you're going (jail).  My point is, I'm pretty sure, brace yourselves, that there are "Americans" who break the law all the time.  SHOCKING!

B.2)  I'm one of those Americans.  I'm usually a year late on my car registration.

C) What about the 92% of other immigrants that weren't listed under this specious statistic.  Oh, they hold jobs and pay social security even though they will never receive that benefit.  They take those debasing jobs that no American wants to do because we're lazy and prefer to sit behind a desk guarding our social security card with our lives. Oh, ok, yeah, they should all be burned at the stake.  

C'mon people.  I'm not one of strong political opinions, but I do believe that 100% of my ancestors were immigrants to this country.  I'm pretty sure they didn't just pop up out of the soil holding an American flag and reciting the Pledge of Allegiance.  Shoot, I noticed the other night that there were some grown adults who didn't know the pledge of allegiance by heart anymore.  What exactly are we trying to protect, here?  Our freedom?  Or our wallets?

I'm all about people following the law, and I'm especially about immigrants coming here and staying legally.

What I'm not about is bashing them, insulting them, treating them like dirt, or causing them or their very innocent children harm.

Which is what these comments do.  They spread ill feelings and false information.  They fan the flame of ignorance.

I'm proud that Utah passed a law for a guest worker program.  That's what the other 92% of immigrants are doing here, folks.  Working.  And I'm pretty sure if we lived in their debasing conditions, with a supposedly wonderful and prosperous country sitting just up the road, where our children could enjoy education and freedoms they deserve, we would want to go to that place too.  As for me, I'm a little bit embarrassed by my fellow "Americans".  And not just the fat ones.  In fact, those are my people.  I digress. 

It's very easy for us to stand on this side of the boarder waving our flag and attacking people for daring to step on our soil.  A soil we don't till, we don't work, we don't really care about as long as it yields us the bucks.  

So, "illegal immigrants have no respect for law or of this country"?  Ha.  

Huh, who knew I had an opinion?

And to all my LDS possy, here's my question for you: WHAT DOES THIS ALL HAVE TO DO WITH THE BUILDING OF ZION?  Go.  Discuss.  Talk amongst yourselves.  

Erm...I just realized.  Some of my ancestors did pop up out of the soil.  I have Native American ancestors.  So, ok, not 100%...regardless...

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