Wednesday, March 23, 2011

It Only Took Five Years

I never thought I'd be one of those mothers.

But I totally was today.  I mean, I got over it, eventually, but first I had to embarrass my son in the privacy of our mini-van.

You see, he was randomly invited to a birthday party of a boy with whom he used to go to school.  This boy moved a little after school started, but we ran into him at Carl's Jr or McDonalds or some other deep fried play place.  His mother got my number, yada yada yada...

Anyway, I got a text today.  "Can Cohen come to K's birthday party today at 4?"

Um..."Who is this?"

"Oh, remember K?  Yeah, he used to go to school with Cohen?  Anyway, I asked him which of his friends he wanted to invite.  And he picked Cohen!"

So...ok, how can I say no to this?  Alright, it's a birthday party, no harm.  Even though I don't even know your name, or where you live, or who you voted for or if you wear black socks with tan shorts and sandles...I know NOTHING!

"We're going to this place then this place, you can pick him up around 7."

Um...I can what at 7?  Pick him up?  You mean, I'm leaving him in the hands of complete strangers?  Not just leaving him in your strange hands, but letting you drive him around?

But seriously, how could I say no?  Cohen was the only friend he wanted to come.  THE ONLY FRIEND!

So I let him go, but, like I said, not before totally giving him a talk.

"Cohen, sometimes our friends might act different, or do different things that maybe aren't exactly good.  But it's ok.  You can set a good example.  You can let your light shine.  Here, let me wipe that snot off your face with my spit.  Now Cohen, if anyone tries touching your private parts, you scream, or kick them, but get to a grown up right away."

Poor kid, he thought he was just going to get to go to a birthday party.

Oh dear heavens, I'm one of those moms.

PS  Is it just me, or did I not just post about having to educate my son?  I'm pretty sure Satan doesn't follow my blog, but sometimes I wonder.

PPS  All went well.  I think she sensed schizophrenia.  She gave me a play-by-play of the whole night, even down to when he went to the bathroom.  Yeah, I reek of crazy-mom.

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