Thursday, March 24, 2011


I had a terrible mother.

At least, that's how I remember it.  And unfortunately for poor mother dear, the burden of proof lies with her.

But I'm smarter.  I'm learning from her mistakes.  I'm documenting it all.

This is Kembry's pteranodon.

I'm sure this is a first in a series of sadistic hangings.  And the dinosaurs thought the meteor was their doom.  They had no idea what was coming.

You wanna know what's really sick?  I had just given my little angel a freshly baked cookie.

You wanna know what's even sicker?

I still think she's cute.  It's a real problem. 

But God doesn't give a Kembry without first giving a Cohen.

He's helping Kembry put together a puzzle right now.  Yeah, Heavenly Father knew my limits.  Knew I'd need a red headed angel to temper the hurricane Kembry.  I'm very blessed.

And very scared.

Mothers of the world!  Collect your proof now!  Therapists all over the world will need these photos.  We will be vindicated.  And they will have children just like them.


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