Monday, March 07, 2011

Roid Rage and Other Randomness

I love steroids.

They're the only things that help my back, and they help it fast!

I just don't like the red rash on my face, or the fact that I can't nurse.  Feeding times take 40 minutes now instead of 20.  Feed the baby, pump the milk, then, sadly, throw that milk away.

This is one sad cow.

I also don't like how incredibly HUNGRY they make me feel.  Holy guacamole...mmm...actually, I don't like guacamole.  I'm going to go and eat another apple.

But at least my back doesn't hurt anymore!!

Yesterday, Kembry picked up my makeup wedge sponge and said, "Look mom!  It's an incline plane, a simple machine!"  Bahahaha.

She also knows all her letters, and how to completely infuriate me.  I think she should start teaching a class.

I just finished a fabulous book called "Mr. Darcy Takes a Wife", by Linda Berdoll.  If you're a P&P fan, you'll love this book.  Fabulous characters (or I should say Linda does a great job at keeping Austen's characters authentic) and a riveting plot.  That's one of things I find most "sequels" written by other authors are missing: plot.

I also loved that I had to have a dictionary by my side (English AND French, s'amuser!) which, you know it's a good book when you need the dictionary with you at all times.

Just a little warning though, when the titles reads "Mr. Darcy Takes a Wife" what it's really saying is "Mr. Darcy TAKES HIS Wife", if you get my gist.  Linda Berdoll used so many amusing euphemisms, and then I went to her website and found out she's written an entire book on euphemisms!  I know what I'm getting myself and one special aunt for Christmas!  (If you know Brett and me at all, you know why we'll sit by the fireside reading this.  Dirty minds think alike, haha!) 

So there you have it.

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