Thursday, March 10, 2011

Kembry, Kembry, Kembry

Kembry is her maternal grandmothers granddaughter.

Didya catch that?

Kembry has been schooled in the crafty art of hint dropping.  And I have to say, I'm quite proud, and disturbed, by her progress.

"Mom, I loooove orange juice."

*Silent stare*

"Mom, did you know that I really loooove orange juice?"

"Kembry, do you want some orange juice?"

"I do loooove it, mom."

"Kembry, if you want orange juice, just say, 'Mom, can I have some orange juice, please?'"

*Now Kembry gives the silent stare*

Kembry also has the propensity to pose whenever a camera is in the room.

She also dresses herself.  Much to my chagrin.

Kembry got lost at Ikea a couple of weeks ago.  While Brett searched frantically for her (all while maintaining his manly mantra to "never, never ask for help") Cohen and I sat by the stairs and said a little prayer.  Well, I said a little prayer.  Cohen suggested we just leave without her.

When Brett finally put on a wig and asked for help, it was pretty easy to find her.  She was sitting between two male Ikea workers in the bedroom department, flirting up a storm.

Sometimes I fear I'm raising a Lydia Bennet.  She doesn't listen, she loves to flirt with any species of male, she's devious, and as I've already mentioned, she can hint drop with the professionals.

But she also hugs me around my legs and tells me she loves me about 400 times a day.  She dances and sings all the time.  She loves to play princess and lets me do her hair (most of the time).  She's so feminine, so beautiful, and sometimes so sweet that I swell with pride that she's mine.

She tries new food and loves all fruits.  She's independent and so curious.  She loves to cook and clean (just not her room).

She's always shares with her brother and remembers him when he's not with us.  Like yesterday at the store, I got her a PEZ Dispenser because she was so good.  She then sternly reminded me that Cohen would want one, too, and she proceeded to pick out a really cool Spider Man PEZ that Cohen did end up loving.

I love her.

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