Tuesday, March 04, 2008


YAY! Five years! For those of you who had five years as the bet, you lost. Unless they legalize marriage to guitars, or unless he finds out about Roberto the Puerto Rican wonder, I don't think divorce is imminent.

So far in Five Years:
1 new house (built in the 70's, but new to us)
1 little boy
3 cats
1 little girl
1 new guitar
1 new piano
And my favorite of material possessions,of course,despite all of the making fun of:
1 new mini van!

I play a fun little game in my mind (well, several actually, but we'll save that for later.) I like to think to myself, "Where will I be in x-amount of years? What will I be doing? Who will be new in my life?" I love thinking that two and a half years ago we were waiting for our little boy to be born. 2 years ago we were taken back by a positive pregnancy test (thanks Joey for jinxing us!) We really weren't expecting Kembry, but what a wonderful surprise. Best ever. Things were calm and quiet, and now they're crazy, all the time. It's awesome. I couldn't be anywhere happier than where I am now. I love Brett, and, I'm pretty sure he loves me. At least he says he does, who knows?! Haha. Five years ago today we took the plunge, and the water wasn't too bad, so we decided to stay. It's awesome.


Josh and Shalae said...

Happy Anniversary!!! Isn't it amazing at what a difference 5 years makes??

The Gillespie Family said...

Congrats! That is a huge accomplishment (these days). Here's to many more years of marriage, more kids, more animals and many more blessings!

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