Friday, March 07, 2008

Information on Susan

Well, it's come to a time where there are several people asking about it, so I thought I would just post a quick little blog about our Aunt Susan. About 3 1/2 weeks ago, Susan's Optometrist found a tumor near her right sinus above her eye. A few weeks later, she found out it was cancerous. A week later, she found out it was melanoma. As of date, she will be having surgery Tuesday, March 11th to remove some of the mass. After that, they will be doing chemotherapy. Brett's family have decided that we will each be taking a night of the week to spend with Susan, so she won't be alone, and so that she won't be bombarded with visitors. We're going to try to keep things as smooth and calm as possible.
Cora and Heath, who live in Michigan and can't be here with Susan, are making her a wonderful surprise, which I won't disclose just yet, because it IS a surprise.
We love Susan so much and this has come as such a shock to all of the family. The Neff's are a very close family. The three sisters, Sherri, Susan and Marilyn have all done an amazing job at keeping the family tight. We have Sunday dinners together every Sunday. I have never known a family to be as close as ours. Susan is like a grandma to Cohen and Kembry, and to Logan and Hunter. They even call her "Grandma WuWu". She has always been so willing to tend the kids, which is awesome, because they love being with her.
If you have a moment, please say a prayer for Aunt Susan.


Tanya & Cody said...

wow. again, i'm sorry to hear about that. when i didn't know your extended family very well,(not that i do now) i thought she was cohen and kembre's grandma! we will definitely be saying many prayers for her and your family. we love you. let me know if i can do anything. no more forcing you to come to the gym with me, i promise:)

Christy & Kevin said...

Kelly- I am sorry about Susan.

I am glad you found my blog. It has been a while, sounds like you are doing great! Congrats. I added you to my list too so we can keep in touch. Talk to ya lata
Christy (Dorsey) Horn

Christy & Kevin said...

send me your email and I will invite you to join my GOODREADS club....great place to go to for good books!
from Christy

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