Monday, March 24, 2008

My Easter Highlights

Easter weekend was just as eventful as Christmas, as we travel all around the valley parading our children to their grandparents, aunts, uncles etc. Here are some highlights from this years festitivities:

1. Cohen and Kembry dying easter eggs. They had so much fun, and Kembry's turned out pretty flippin cool. The girl has no patience though. She would only let them sit for like 5 seconds before dipping them in another color. Cohen has his daddy's mentality, and spent 15 minutes on each egg, carefully painting each egg with as much paint as he could put on his little paint brush.

2. Going through the WHOLE Saturday without dumping any ink on the floor, only to have Kembry spill some five minutes before we walked out the door.

3. Ikea. I got to go to Ikea on Saturday with NO KIDS! It was WONDERFUL.

4. Walking into a room full of "family" on Sunday, and not having a single person notice my hair for almost 20 minutes. Brett and I couldn't help looking at each other and giggling, and then my dad kept saying "What's so funny?" I get my paranoia from him.

5. When my dad FINALLY noticed the missing 10 inches, he could only comment "You dyed your hair darker." When in fact, no, dad, I didn't dye it darker. In fact, it's a lighter color. But there is 10 inches missing. I have a neck. Nothing? Well, he's a man.

6. Cohen being better at finding Easter Eggs than his mom.

7. Kembry realizing there was CANDY in the Easter eggs, relinquishing her search, sitting in the middle of the grass and systematically opening all of her eggs and dumping the candy on the grass, which she then attempted to eat while Alphie, the weener dog, accompanied her.

8. Brett stealing the kids candy.

9. Hearing Susan laugh. She was so much like her old self on Sunday, it was as if she wasn't sick at all. It was AWESOME!

All in all it was an awesome weekend. Brandon slept over Saturday night and helped Brett in his new project of hanging up our new TV and moving the old one downstairs. I got to sleep in (thanks Hun!) and miss church, which was sad, because due to blessings and homecomings we haven't been to our own church in a month.
I think this is my last blog for the day, as I'm about to leave and enjoy a 60 degree day at the park with my two best buddies.

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Tanya said...

also, i didn't get to see your cute kids in the flesh and you missed cody and i speaking in sacrament. you cut your hair...come over this instant. pick a day, you will go to the gym with me this week.

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