Monday, March 31, 2008

New Moon

I enjoyed the second book. I was told by almost everyone I know who has read it that I wouldn't, but I think now it has something to do with the third...SO DON'T SPILL THE BEANS! Unless, of course, you want to. In that case, please, please, please spill the beans. I have to wait until THIS AFTERNOON to buy the third book. Stupid Costco, how could they sale the first two and not the third? It's a ploy I tell ya, a ploy.
Anywho, hopefully I'll have my website fixed by this afternoon, pictures and everything up so you can all see my cute kids and way handsome husband...sigh, so handsome.

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The Days said...

Hey Kelly! I'm so glad you're obsessed with them because I am too. I actually had to take a break from them because I started to become a love-sick teenager again despite my amazingly wonderful husband. And so I haven't read them again for a few months (yes I read them again after finishing the third one after it came out). I'm curious to see what you think of who they cast for the movie; I'm very disappointed, especially with who they chose for Edward. I'm not sure if I'll be seeing the movie because some things are better left to the imagination!

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