Monday, March 17, 2008

You know how sometimes when...

So Brett's aunt Susan makes us all laugh. A few Sunday's ago, during dinner, she asked Marilyn if Brett and I would be there. It being a "daddy" Sunday, we were with my Pa, so she said, "No, why?" Susan replied, "I wanted her to pluck my eyebrows."
Well, when she relayed the story, she asked, "Did you talk to her about her eyebrows or something?" Quizically, I replied, "I don't think so. Why me?"
Turns out, she likes the way I pluck my eyebrows. I can't believe how something so...?little? could feel like such a compliment.
So you know how sometimes when someone compliments you and you don't know why but it feels like the greatest and biggest compliment ever? That was this. For some reason. So, I was thinking, I have held back a lot of "little" compliments because I thought they were just that: little.

So, I'm going to be handing them out more.

Tanya: Quit quacking about your house not being clean. I am ALWAYS comfortable in your home. I love the toys everywhere, because my kids have stuff to play with. I don't have to constantly ask you if Cohen can destroy this or can Kembry druel on that. Your home is so comfortable to me, DON'T CHANGE A THING. Unless, of course, you want to.

Melanie: I love your blog. You never have boring stuff to blog about. I hope you don't get in another blog rut, because I love reading your blog.

Brett: You're hot.

Marilyn: You're doing so good with everything. We don't say it enough, but you are a great grandma and a great mother-in-law and a great mom (speaking for Brett). Keep up the great work.

Well, I have to go home and take care of Brett, he's sick =*(. Chat to you all soon!

OH OH OH OH PS: Funny/interesting little site called PostSecret. I've got it on my links, visit it. It's funny/interesting, as I have previously stated. I'm done.

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The Hancuffs said...

tears were on the verge of coming, but i held strong for you. thank you friend that means alot to me. i love this kid!!!

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