Thursday, April 24, 2008

Bunk Beds are Fun

Ever sense we got these:
I have been having troubles with this: You see, it's empty. Normally, it's stocked with diapers and other such necesseities as is needed for having two small children: Q-tips, finger nail clippers, diaper cream, etc.
However this little darling:Feels the compulsive need to CONTINUALLY do this:
But this isn't the least of my problems, amazing, I know. Because we're also having a problem with this little guy (he's so cute, how could ever been rotten? Oh, he can be, BELIEVE ME!)

Insists on removing all the letters of his name from the wall:

And throwing them on the floor:

And then REFUSING to go to bed until they're hung back up. He cried for an hour last night because he wanted his "letters on the wall."

But it's all worth it. Because, while I was building the bunk beds (that's right you nay-sayers, I built them. Brett was out getting the mattresses and I decided what the hay, I'll get 'em started.), anyway, while I was building them, Cohen helped too. And I got to enjoy some great mother-son-daughter time:

They were so excited to sleep on their new beds, they didn't even wait for them to be finished. Of course, it was 9:30 p.m., an hour past their bed time, and they were REALLY tired.

Never the less, Cohen kept helping Mommy. He's the greatest.

Anyway, when all was said and done, and the diapers are off the shelf because Kembry takes absolute advantage of not being caged in her crib, and Cohen continues with his obsessive compulsive disorder, after naps are abandoned because playing is more fun, and after many time outs because of jumping on the bed...after ALL OF THIS, it is so worth it when Cohen says, "Oh mommy, you built it for us."

I LOVE my children.

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Amber said...

I got jipped as a kid! I always wanted bunk beds but my mom would never let us have them. Lucky Neff Kids.

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