Wednesday, April 23, 2008

My job and the crazy people I work with...

Because I was specifically told NOT TO post these pictures, but to delete them IMMEDIATELY, here is a post about the wonderful, if not occasionally eccentric people I love and work with. My day time Franklin Covey family:

This is Natasha. She's gorgeous, to say the least. She refers to her children as "My 8 year old and my 5 year old." Finally, we told her to just use their names. It's been a year, I think we could let the barriers down. She also likes to sing along with her radio, and she rocks. The best thing about Natasha is that she is just about the nicest person ever.

Susan didn't want her picture taken.
Becky and I didn't care much for that.
Becky and I usually get our way.

Susan regales us with stories of her grand babies, and of her kids. One time she brought in her little cute grand kids, and they were just as adorable as you could imagine. She's the best grandma. Susan likes hot chocolate in the morning and taking long walks in the park on Saturdays. Not really the second one.
I really like my job, so I thought maybe I wouldn't push the issue...
This is our boss, Michelle. Please don't fire me. I promise I'll erase the picture from my camera, like we discussed.

This is our minority corner. This is Colby. Colby is Ray Ramano. Seriously, HE IS RAY RAMANO. Watch "Everybody Loves Raymond" and you will know all about Colby. He has a cute girlfriend, Patrice.
Colby also loves the Twilight series. Now if only we could get him to read it...
This is Becky.
She's the one who inspired this little blog. Becky can sense a change in the weather using her magic headaches. She also gets every side effect ever. You know when they say ".9% of participants experienced this side effect," that person was Becky. We love Becky. She schemes up some seriously hilarious pranks. It's always fun, unless they're stealing your "Eclipse" novel when you only have a few chapters left. That was just mean. We love you Becky!

The one in the blue is Rebecca. Haha, which one!? Well, funny you should ask. She's the one on the right. The young beauty to her left is Tanji. She's new, and we welcome her with open arms.

Rebecca is also one of the nicest people you will ever meet. She's also extremely organized, and she loves purses almost as much as I do. She has a freakin' nice Doonie and Burke purse that one day I will steal from her. Oops, I gave away my devious plans. Oh well.
Where am I, you wonder? Alright, I don't normally put pictures of myself on my blog. But here I am with my boyfriend Brad. It's cool, Brett knows about it. He's just excited to know a celebrity.

Not pictured are our dear afternoon co-workers: Thomas, Chance and Brooke. Who we still love.
Thomas enjoys jumping out of planes and landing on snow covered mountains. He's pretty tame.
Brooke is a brave woman, who day after day drudges into work and takes on Thomas and Chance. I admire her.
Chance I know little about. The first time I met him he was dressed in short cut off shorts, with a sleeveless shirt unbuttoned, and a blonde, long haired wig. Alright, it was Halloween. In his defense, I was wearing an enormous pink skirt and had a wand. From what I hear, he's a stud.

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Amber said...

Part of Chris'job is traveling and it's not an option. That is how I do it. It's hard, it sucks and I hate it, but it's his job. It's making me think twice about having kids. I'm thinking of waiting a few more years now.

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