Wednesday, April 30, 2008

"Mommy can build it!"

Last night Brett and I finally decided to buy a trampoline. This has been a topic of discussion since I was three months pregnant with Cohen. I've finally given in, and I'm actually quite excited.

As I was getting in the mini-van to head to the gym (welcome to my suburbian house-wife life) Cohen asked Brett if I was going to get the trampoline. Brett old him "No, we need to go to the store, and then we'll get it."

**Side note, Cohen LOVES the store. Anything store related get's his little heart a beatin'**

So then Cohen said, all excited and red-faced,"Oh, and we'll get the champline, and mommy will build it."

I LOVE my son. I hope he always thinks I build stuff. And the greatest news is, the bunk beds are still standing, much to my amazement. I was a little nervous to let my children sleep on them, especially Kembry on the bottom bunk. I could just imagine the top one falling on top of her. She's so tiny, she'd probably fit into the small space between the two. Never the less, it frightened me. But she's alive, the bunk beds are still up, and Cohen thinks I'm a carpenter. It rocks!


Tanya said...

sorry i haven't commented in awhile. its all this twilight mumbo jumbo that my little dial up internet can't support. two things: you got another tramp(HEHEHE) and you didn't tell me before the whole posting, and secondly, you went to the gym without so much as a phone call. what is this world coming to!!??! your in big trouble sister.........when would be a good time to come over and play:)

Amber said...

Kelly the builder, can she build it, Kelly the buidler, yes she can! (Must be sung to the Bob the Buidler song)

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