Monday, April 07, 2008

Leatherheads...dumbest movie ever

Dumbest movie ever, need I say more? Usually, because of my red personality and only-child persona, when the reviews say "Stupid movie, don't see this movie, save your money," I find myself saying, "Hey, don't tell me what to do. I'm gonna see this movie just because you told me not to."

It's just like the time my mom didn't want me to go rollar skating, she had a bad feeling, and so I did anyway, and came home with a shattered foot. Oh, and the other time, with a broken wrist. Ouch. Oh, and the collar bone. Don't tell me I can't go! But I digress.

Holy cow, I felt so bad for dragging Brett from his new baby and forcing him to sit through the longest, dumbest, most "drag-on" movie I've ever suffered through. I love George Clooney, who doesn't? But he's just the exact same in EVERY MOVIE. Same character, same facial movements, same little quirks. Everything. And I really love oh what's his name from "The Office". Real stud muffin. Oh, here he is:

So, I'm giving this two thumbs and a deformed toe down! For those of you red personality, only-child syndrome folks who want to see it just because I told you not to, let me retaliate by giving out a loud "I told you so!"

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