Thursday, April 24, 2008

Good Morning Baltimore

I'm not sure why, and I really mean this, I'm not sure why but I really enjoy the movie "Hairspray". I say, "I'm not sure why," because, frankly, sometimes while I'm watching it, I feel, well...embarassed for the poor girl. I'M A HORRIBLE HUMAN BEING, but it's true, none the less. Last night I watched it with Brett, it was his first time, and I could see it in his eyes too. The grimace, the shame, the undeniable truth that a train wreck was in progress. HOWEVER! However, ladies and gentlemen, before you turn me into the hypocricy police, I absolutely adore her. Her acting, her singing, even her less than attractive dancing. She makes me smile. Her positive outlook is infectious. She does such a great job, I'm totally convinced that the world doesn't suck while I'm watching this movie. Amazing, I know. And so, let's have a little musical Thursday, shall we?


Joey & Kimbie said...

Joey had a hard time with it too. hee hee.

April said...

Woah this is an old post, but I didn't follow your blog back then so I just read it for the first time (because it was linked at the bottom of your latest post). Anyway, I just have to say I LOVE Hairspray, and it's not one of those movies that are usually my style. I just think it's a great movie and I too love her confidence and positive outlook. Also, it helps that Christopher Walken and a fattened, female version of John Travolta play her parents. I love their characters! Ah, just a great movie.

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