Thursday, April 17, 2008

Time to laugh at myself, enjoy...

I feel almost obligated to blog everyday. I laugh at myself. But it's turned into a type of journal for me, lucky you, my two faithful readers. Ever since I became a member of the church, I have felt a strong urge to write in my journal every day, and a strong sense of guilt if I forgot or neglected to do so. And so you get to bask in the splendor that is my eternal soul in writing. Yuk yuk.

Cohen has taken on a new form of "talking back", if you can even call it that. This is basically how our conversations used to go:

Kembry: No, mine!
Cohen: No, MINE!
Mommy: Cohen, Kembry, share.
Cohen: Ok Mommy. Here ya go Kembry. *smooch*

Yes, I was spoiled. I know that now. Here is how our conversations read now.

Kembry: No, mine!
Cohen: No, MINE!
Mommy: Cohen, Kembry, share.
Cohen: NO! LEAVE ME ALONE NOW, MOMMY. *throwing himself onto the floor crying as if I had just smacked him across the face on graduation day in front of his highschool sweetheart.*

And he's not even three yet. Oh, what does the future hold for me? All I know is to never, EVER pray for patience. Those are the days where the kitchen sink explodes, the refrigerator light bulb breaks (which I had NOTHING to do with, I swear...well...maybe I had a little to do with it) I slip on the freshly mopped floor due to cat liter being drug up in diapers after an unsupervised kitty liter fight. So now you've got a headache, you can't do the pile of dishes in the sink because it's exploded, you can't see anything in the fridge, and now you're 2 year old is telling you to leave him alone now. Which, you know, you taught him. I am ashamed. I bow my head in disgrace, and I will never, EVER pray for patience again. Unless I'm on a deserted island with a pina colada...and maybe Robert Pattinson. Or Brett. I have to throw that in there, so he wont be offended. LOVE YOU BRETT!


Lacie Muramoto said...

Isn't that just how life goes? Everyday is like that with kids. There is no such thing as a peaceful, relaxing day, when you get done what you had planned without some sort of catastrophe happening! You're a good Mom, you're definitely not alone. Of that I can say with certainty! Don't be so hard on yourself, you are one of millions!


Josh and Shalae said...

Oh how fun! haha Your kids sound so cute! I'm just glad that I only have one that can tell me "no", for the moment at least.

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