Thursday, April 03, 2008

It is done!

Yay! Closure. Ahh, and never was their a better ending. Sort of. Anyway, I'm really excited for her fourth book to come out. I've read the first chapter and am really excited to see it from Edwards point of view. He's more interesting anyway.

So, onto actual news. Susan will be starting Chemotherapy on Tuesday, and got her pick line in on Monday. Last night Brett said that she was in a really happy mood and was feeling really well (I was sick, and so I couldn't go and see her =(). Hopefully this last week before the chemo will be a good one!

Cora, our cousin, made a really awesome book for Susan. She had us all write letters to Susan (and there are like...oh...18 of us I think.) Then she put pictures of all of us with Susan in the book, next to our letters. She talked about fun traditions the family has, like dipping chocolates, Susans birthday festivities, Christmas pinata/fiesta, and Sunday dinners, all with pictures. Well done Cora. It made more than one of us cry, with some surprises from the mens side, I wont name names, ehem, STEVE. Unfortunately, Susan wasn't feeling well enough to open it while Cora and the boys were watching from their home all the way in Michigan over this wonderful thing we call the internet. So we all decided to "shove ourselves down her throat" and bombard her house and show it to her. She cried, it was touching. She took time to read through each of our letters, which must have been difficult for her because she only has one eye she can read with.

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Tanya said...

that must have been really special for susan. tell her good luck on starting's a rough road ahead. i'm still a jacob type of girl, so i was a little sad at the ending. anyway, we'll talk more about it when i see you. i hope your feeling better.

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