Wednesday, April 23, 2008

The Zoo, WOO HOO

We went to the zoo yesterday, and it rocked some serious Cazba. Cohen got to go with his best buddy Larkin, and Kembry had Tasia...we're forcing this friendship on the girls. Deal with it! I also had a Nikon DX D70 Digital Camera with me. Lucky you. Unfortunately, I only took 250 pictures. Sorry I couldn't offer more. Yuk yuk. So here, for your viewing enjoyment (although I know most of you are saying, "What the heck, now I have to scroll through ALL THIS CRAP to get to my Twilight videos? This can't be happening...") Oh, it's happening. Captions and all.

Hmm...what to do, what to do...Huh, that doesn't look too scary, maybe I'll give it a try...
Big mistake, big mistake, what was I thinking?

Ok, it wasn't so bad. It's over now...

Now to just gently and safely put my feet on the solid ground...

I'll Just take my time, no need to hurry, I'm safe now. Crap.
Larkin and Cohen diggin the slide scene.

Larkin would smile, sure. All I get from my punks is the grimace of death.
My brave man. That's right Mom, I'm a stud.
This was interesting. I thought, "Let's put the kid in a cute pose." HAHAHAHA, like I thought I could do anything to this girl she didn't want done. Which is strange, she's so vogue, you would think she would LOVE getting her picture taken, but she doesn't.
Guess how many times we yelled at them to stop? I bet you're under...
Whoa, what the heck kinda elephant is THAT?
Ok, watch out Kembry, I'm comin' down. WHACK! I told you to watch out.
Now see what you've done. Next time you'll listen to the man whose on top of the elephant.

Tanya attempted the same thing with Larkin, at my insistance. It worked out just as well as it did with Kembry. Larkin and Kembry will forever be terrified of trees.
These are our little Savanah Aniamls.
Greates Picture Ever.

Now, my boy will pose for me.
And give me the Bond look.
These are two men not ashamed to hold hands.
You can't see it, and I didn't want to tell Tanya at the time cause I wanted to get a picture (I'm evil, and I have a problem, leave me alone), but Larkin is sucking on the wire. I hope it tasted good. I was tempted to try it myself, he made it look so good...
For me, this was the best part of the day. You know how the penguins are always waiting by that stupid door, hour after hour, waiting for food, and that's all they do (that sounds oddly familiar, it reminds me of the one time Fazoli's wasn't open yet, and I was really hungry...) Anyway, THEY FINALLY FED THE DUMB PENGUINS! It was awesome, they would throw their fish into the water and jump in after them. The boys LOVED it.

This is what happens when I miss a day of blogging.


Amber said...

Kelly your kids are ADORABLE! It looks like you had a lot of fun at the zoo. I love the one of Kembry in the tree and I love the one of Kohen looking over his shoulder!

Tanya said...

just for your information, i knew larkin was sucking on the wire, but i was in deep denial. your captions are hilarious, i'm going to scroll back through the pictures and read it all over, and it will probably be just as funny. i have to have copies of all of those. i esp. love the one of them holding hands and running. and just so you know, you are the fuuny one.

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