Monday, December 22, 2008

Go against your natural instincts

This beautiful, freezing weather always begins the assault of car accidents, and in consequence some wicked traffic..

Brett and I always look at minor accident victims on the side of the road and say things like, "Sheesh, haven't you lived here long enough to know you need to slow down."

Or "Golly, you cotton-headed-ninny-muggins, don't you know ice is slippery?"

But our favorite is, "Gee-willickers, you nut-cracker, don't you know if you're sliding on ice to push lightly on the accelerator and turn the wheel slightly?"

Well, this, of course, is against every natural instinct in our body and mind. What? You want me to speed up? But I'm already sliding into my early grave!!

Yes, crazy person. I want you to go against your natural instincts.

Brett and I often preach this, and last night we had the chance to PRACTICE what we PREACH. Yuck. We're big on "Do as I say, not as I do." Oh well, worth a try.

So as Cohen was overly-tired and had ingested more than his legal limit in cookies and hot-chocolate at our annual "Polar Express Party," he was screaming and writhing and ready to attack when Brett tried to say his prayers with him. So Brett walked out. I mean what else can ya do? You're walking into an early grave if you stay.

And then, as happens once every 6 years, I had a thought. "What if we went against our natural instincts, and instead of ignoring him, did the complete opposite of what we want to do and hug him…or something?"

Can I just say, that did wonders? And it worked on Kembry too, who was half asleep moaning, "Cohen, my Cohen is crying. My Cohen is sad." Well, if that doesn't just break your heart.

Anyway, moral of the story here, GO AGAINST YOUR INSTINCTS SOMETIMES! Natural man is an enemy to God, my friend. And I surely know that I (naturally) am.

Have a lovely, wintery day and remember: if you start sliding, SPEED UP! I've done it like twelve times already this year, and it's flippin' awesome! As in not getting into a car accident and ruining your whole Christmas season awesome. Awesome.

Kelly Out


Kimbie said...

Kelly, I love you! I have recently been doing the opposite of the natural instinct with Kaiyenna. When she throws temper tantrums... instead of getting after her, I grab her and tickle her and give her squeezes and kisses. I've only started this yesterday, so we'll see if she throws less tantrums... (keepin' my fingers crossed on that one!)

Cheyenne and Seth and Co. said...

I just love you! What a wonderful reminder:)

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