Thursday, December 11, 2008

A moment to rant

You know what I can't stand? (Nothing good can ever come from a conversation that begins with that…so here comes nothing good!)

I can't stand when people have some epiphany that makes them think that organized religion is the devil.

Every organized religion can be of the devil, of course, I'm not denying that. Evil can be found in anything.

Off subject. Point coming to a blog near you soon…

Point: When these people go out of their way to simply do everything said religion taught them not to do just because they were told not to. I mean, we're talking about adults here people. "No, I'm going to drink this whole bottle of vodka because you told me not to. Then I'm going to have random intercourse with strangers because YOU TOLD ME NOT TO!"

Boy, that'll show them. Hangovers and STD's. Few, glad you dodged THAT bullet, dummy.

And then they traipse around saying "Vote Democratic! Vote Democratic! Because Mormon's are Republican, and we HATE Mormons!"

For people who preach that they hate preaching and blanket statements, I sort of want to write down what they're saying on a piece of paper, and shove it down their throats!

Just for a moment, for those of you who have heard my voice, just imagine me saying this. It's kind of funny.

For those of you who have never heard my voice, when solicitors call my house, they ask to speak to my mommy. Helium balloons do little to change my pitch, and glass breaks when scream. My voice hasn't changed since I was six months old.

Anyway…wow, I do feel better. Few. Like getting an annoying hypocrite off my chest.

Thanks for listening.

I'll be nice next time…maybe.

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