Saturday, August 29, 2009

Neff Union on Strike

Generally I don't like taking "stands".

I've never been one to shout out about "organic foods" and "Wal Mart is the devil!"

You would never see this bumper sticker on my mini-van:
In fact, on occasion, I would enjoy buying things from Wal Mart for those people, and then not telling them where it was from...What can I say? Natural man is an enemy to God.

But I think I'm finally starting to come around. I'm finally starting to understand the importance of "taking a stand."

I've always thought that one person couldn't make a difference. That's because I AM LAZY. I don't want to have to make a difference.

Now that I have munchkins of my own, I'm starting to realize that my choices really do effect them, directly. Their future, especially. My grandchildren's future. My posterity.

If anything, I want them to know that I did not sit by and watch as their world was destroyed. Worse yet, that I participated.

So, I too am going on strike. Not just from "Big Mart" stores, but to stuff in general.  And I'm forcing Brett to as well.  Lucky man.  Where would he be without me? 

Those of you who know me know what a tough strike this will be for me. Tanya, am I right? Target anyone?

And to make it a bit more interesting, and to help me stay focused, I'm putting a bit of a time-limit on it. After all, a habit is formed...well, eventually.

For one month I'm not going to buy stuff. My wallet is cinched (somewhere in the world, Brett just smiled and felt a moment of relief). Feed the kids at home. Encourage them to play with toys we already have. No popcorn, gulp, at the movies. Like I said, this is going to be hard for me. No new clothes. No new shoes. Wear it 'til you bare it. Well, no one wants to see that...

I'll keep you posted on how it goes. You may be getting phone calls from a sobbing shopaholic going through withdrawals. Please don't turn her away.

Kelly Out

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

This is awesome! :) Just move to our town! We're in the middle of nowhere and there are no stores to tempt you.
We do all of our shopping online, if I could order groceries that way, I would. :)

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