Friday, August 07, 2009


Those Greeks were pretty thorough. They had explanations for everything under the blanket-term "Gods". There is a Goddess of War, a God of Vanity and Wine, a Goddess of Good Looks, a God of Judgement, of the skies and the rains and the waters and the underworld and the underarms...wait. They attribute everything from vanity to pride to crazy hair to these Gods. Somehow these Gods are ALWAYS involved.

But I can't recall anything that explains IRONY.

So I've created Ironicus.

Ironicus struck today, again. Everything I needed to accomplish today, aside from buying shoes and tanning, was OUTSIDE. I knew there was a chance at rain, BUT COME ON! I washed my car, and the torrential downpour began (you're welcome). I won't tell you what else I had to do outside because it's embarrassing. Here's a hint: it's August, and I'll be back out there in December reversing today's chore. Not to mention a good friend is to be married outside tomorrow. Pray for them, pray for me.

ANYWHO, happy rain folks. I really do enjoy the rain. I just wish it would work around my schedule. I mean really, is that too much to ask? Narcissus anyone?

Kelly Out (in the rain)

1 comment:

The Hancuff's said...

i'm so intrigued about that thing you won't tell us, and your hint did nothing for me. i must know...

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