Sunday, August 09, 2009

Today is a Gift, that's why it's called the Present

When did we all become women, wives and mothers? When did the click of my high heel cease to have young handsome boys turning to "check" me out? When did Sundays consist of sneaking into Primary to assist my four year old with an opening prayer? When did I start rehearsing Aesop Fables and warning my children to "do as I say and not as I do?"

When did I go from "Maid of Honor" to "Matron of Honor"? When did a weekend "in" sound more appealing than a weekend "out"? When did my calendar consist mostly of washing dishes and doing laundry? When did Family Home Evening become an actual Family Home Evening?

I saw a picture of a friend from HS today. She's a mom of three. She looks like a woman. She looks like a mom. So do I.

Happiness is in the answers to these questions for me.

Happiness is my present in view of my past, in hope for my future.

Happiness is my now.

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