Thursday, August 13, 2009

I'm LOVIN' It!

Somehow, without doing anything (literally) I've managed to lose four more pounds. I could kiss my overweight body right now, if that wasn't really weird...

So, lack of fast food every day really does help. And I bet walking with Tanya those two times was pretty good.

Oh, and the fact that it's four million degrees and I sweat when I even think about moving.

"Why are you all sweaty?"
"Huh? Oh, I just peeled and orange."

Wanna go walking tonight Tan?


1 comment:

The Hancuff's said...

thanks for shopping tonight with me. sorry i didn't catch on to the whole "walking into oncoming traffic" until it was over. i'll be a more observant friend:( thanks for a few good laughs.

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