Friday, August 07, 2009

It Is Good

On the first day Kelly was determined to have Internet, she called all the Internet providers, and picked one.

And it was good.

On the second day Kelly was determined to have Internet, she got up the guts to tell her husband she signed up without consulting him.

And it was good.

On the third day Kelly was determined to have Internet, nothing really happened. This was the waiting period. Lame.

And it was good.

On the fourth day Kelly was determined to have Internet, the modem came, along with a bearded man who "hooked up" her Internet. She liked him.

And it was very good.

On the fifth day Kelly was determined to have Internet, SHE DID!

And it was AWESOME!

First things first, if I can't afford a real face-lift, I'll live vicariously through my blog. Second things second, or however that goes, hey Tan (to be read Taun, or Tawn). Good to be back.

Now, WHAT'S UP FOLKS?!?! I can barely contain my excitement. My fingers are typing so fast they can hardly stand the excitement!

This will be a relatively short post, in that I won't blast you all with the eighteen million things the Neffites have been up to these past million years because I am in a wedding.

That doesn't appropriately show you my excitement, so let's go to capital letters.

I'M IN A WEDDING. I'M THE MAID OF HONOR. Rather, MATRON OF HONOR! And can I tell you, it is hard work! Not necessarily doing anything, but you worry just as much as the bride!!! I'm so excited for Alysea and David to get married. It's been FIVE YEARS! Patient woman, huh? And tomorrow it will happen, come rain or fire or tornado or Chinese invasion. Hmm, maybe not that last one. We'll see.

So here's a quick something to get you interested in my pending post.

We have a yard. Take it in. We have a yard. Grass. No dirt. Green. No dirt. Sprinklers. No dirt. Can you tell I'm excited about no dirt? No dirt.

Kelly Out

No dirt.


Cheyenne and Seth and Co. said...

Woo Hoo! I'm so glad you're back! I was just checking your blog yesterday i think, and I was about to send you a message to invite you back to the blogosphere. I thought maybe you were waiting for one:) Can't wait to hear about al your fun news! And btw...only 3 months till our New Moon night.

Carl and Steph said...

Welcome back, Cotter, I mean kelly. It's good to have ya.

The Hancuff's said...

sheesh, your on here 2 seconds and people are waiting in line to leave a comment...don't mind me, i'm just bitter about people not commenting on my blogs anymore.

Tara said...

I thought you had died! (Not literally) I'm so glad you are back. I've missed your post very much so. :)

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