Thursday, May 06, 2010

Are "Real" Women the New Sexy?

No!  A plus sized model is a 12!?  Hardly plus sized.  When are we going to come full circle back to this:

No, no, this isn't me.  But seriously, it could be!  Well, I mean, after six months of breast feeding and working out and maybe even a little lipo and a serious breast reduction...but my point is, when are real women going to be the "new" sexy?  When when when!!!??

See those rolls on the lower half of the abdomen?  The Cheshire cat smile?  Indicative of any child-bearing woman?  The strong thighs? The stout arms? This is a woman. At least she could carry around her very large children.  She can forgo the Spanx and be happy.

Yeah, I don't think the dates are right on these pictures....

Remember Renee?  Curves, yes!  Boobs, yes!  It was allllll good.  Then it went terribly bony.  I mean, wrong.

I just...euw.  This is just not attractive.  I'm not saying the woman should turn obese or anything, but goodness, I could snap her in half with a bad stare.  Ladies, this is not beautiful.  How is that stick of a neck holding up that gigantic head?  Woops, a light breeze, "SNAP!" 

I thought she looked familiar!

So, anyway, when you look in the mirror today, revel in your curves.  Go ahead, slide your hands down your waist, grab hold of the love handles, give 'em a little wiggle, and be thankful that you could safely take a walk outside in downtown Chicago without risk to life and limb. 

Don't starve yourself or punish yourself.  Take a walk, go on a hike, go for a bike ride, carry around your 25 lb toddler, throw them up in the air.  Be happy in being healthy, not deathly.  Get excited when that XL shirt hangs a little lose, or when the Cheshire smiley face on  your lower belly doesn't hang quite as far over your pants as it did last week.  And the next time your husband tells you he thinks you're beautiful, give him a kiss, not the look of death (this advice is more for me...)

All this brought to you by a pregnant woman who hasn't had a waist in over a month =)

Kelly Down


Jenny said...


I love reading your blog! I love how you can just put the right words to help (at least me) :) I do think that people STILL have a skewed image of how a "real" women should look like! Thanks so much. I hope all is going well with you.

Kelly said...

Thanks Jenny! Haha, I had to give myself a pep talk =) Glad it helped someone else too. Things are going great with us! I tried clicking on your blog, but it didn't work =(

Loren and Jess said...

"like" button :)

The Hancuff's said...

here's to health!!! and curves:)

Jenny said...

Oh I went private, but I would love to have you see my blog, all I need is your e-mail :)

genderist said...

Excellent post. I think it's amazing that you are where you are with the baby and you're STILL able to post this. :)

Anonymous said...


What about the non-preggers without a waist?

April said...

Agreed. I don't really think those paintings are beautiful women, but those anorexic celebrities aren't beautiful either. I think we all just need to find our own sense of beautiful within ourselves. I am grateful to be healthy and able to eat some candy and soda without beating myself up for it... I would hate to be in the celebrity world where they get ridiculed if they're healthy and praised if they're starving. Okay, enough reading your old linked posts... I liked them though.

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