Saturday, May 01, 2010

Gag Reflex

Warning: Do not read if you're sick of hearing how wonderful my husband is.  This post will tickle your gag reflex.

Because I was naughty and took a 15 minute hiatus at the grocery store, I am suffering greatly.  All my own fault.  In fact, my sweet husband advised me against it.  He was willing to go to the store alone, with two grumpy grumpy children, and get my odd-ball list of items.  I was selfish, and wanted to go.  I needed some quality WalMart time (obviously, I'm desperate.)

Anywho, a few hours later I was on all fours, begging for a nice shot of morphine in my bottom.  He was knee deep in insulation, trying to get the t.v. in our bedroom to work (for me, of course) with starving children screaming, past bed time.  He made them dinner, and because I had mentioned hours earlier that Arby's sounded good, he left and brought me back Arby's.  All while saying this, "I feel so bad.  I feel so guilty.  I'm so sorry you hurt."

He's sorry?!  I'm the idiot, and he's sorry!?  See what I mean?  Greatest man in the entire world.  Ever.

Kelly Spoiled and Down

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