Wednesday, May 05, 2010

What the Funny Bone

The joys of pregnancy are many.

That is not what this post is about.

It's obvious that you're going to have some discomforts, obviously.  I mean, at one point you're lugging around a wriggling, kicking, 5+ lb human being.  In your belly.  Without hands.  Let's not talk about what it takes to get it out.

Others are not so obvious.  The ones that the first time pregnant mothers say, "Why didn't anyone tell me?!"  Because then no one would procreate, that's why sweetheart.

Having contractions every few minutes, all day long, is not one of those "normal" discomforts one can expect from pregnancy.  I have adjusted and accepted this, though. 

But now I'm dealing with something so bizzaro, so out there, I have to question my luck.  Cubital Tunnel Syndrome.  Ever heard of it?  Yeah, neither had I.  Basically, it's as if I'm continually hitting my funny bone.  Water retention is irritating the nerve, causing sharp pains to shoot down my arm and into my hand, numbing a few of my fingers, and swelling the rest.  The cure: anti-inflamatories.  HAHAHAHAHAHAHA! 

I know that after all is said and done, and I'm holding baby Neff #3, whom I'm already madly in love with, that my placenta brain will kick in, and I will forget everything.  I am relying on this like a life-line.  It is the light at the end of my Cubital Tunnel Syndrome. 

My uterus will return to it's non-irritable state, my bladder will have a reprive, and my funny bone will stop being so funny.  Rinse and repeat. 

I still actually love being pregnant.  The in-between moments when I get to feel a kick, or hear a heart beat, or just think about what I'm actually accomplishing, totally out weigh the negative.  And I'm not even on any pain medication right now =)

Here is a crappy picture for you all to enjoy (or not).  Jessie, maybe your keys are in my crater of a belly button.

Kelly Down


Nielsen Familia said...

Ha ha ha! "Without hands." I love that line. You are funny Kelly! Cute picture, I'm sorry about the new discomfort you have to deal with!

The Hancuff's said...

brrrr! its chilly. am i right!?! hehehe.

Anonymous said...

Dear Angry Uterus,

Quit bitching at my friend. Thanks for your cooperation.


I love LOVE your belly!! So cute!!

genderist said...

Yay! Love the belly pic!

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