Sunday, May 30, 2010

Chester June Farrfignewton Neff

Our neighbors found two bloodied bunnies in their yard this morning.

And my heart strings were pulled right to them.

One was taken away by animal services, the other one they couldn't find.  It turned up a little while later, and we offered to take it to Brett's cousin Ryan, a vet.

Come to find out, our little Chester is a Chesterina, and she's very engorged and missing her babies.  It breaks my heart.  My mammories sing out for her.  I once went on a 2 day trip to Las Vegas without a breast pump (Brett does NOT count as a breast pump).  It was PA-AIN-FUL.  Poor thing.

So, if you're missing a bunny, we'll be having her shack up here.  I hope she doesn't dry up from not having anyone sucking at her teets 24/7, but I sure as heck am NOT going to milk her.  Even I have my limits.

Kelly Down

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