Monday, May 10, 2010

She Can Be Taught!

Grandmothers Guild, here I come!  (I'm terrified of BINGO though, anyone wanna give me lessons and a free psychological breakdown?)

My first project.  'Tis a headband, for these cold, cold spring nights.  Erm...I guess I'll hang it in the closet with my overly-long-hangs-down-below-my-knees scarf.

It's ribbed.  For my pleasure.  I COULDN'T RESIST!

On a less dirty minded topic, I love the colors..  Brett's amazing.  He picked them all out and gave them to me for Mothers Day. 

Tune in to see me lose my mind and the use of my right arm over a very cute baby beanie!


Jenny said...

that is so cute! I tried to crochet around a burp cloth when I was Pregnant with my first baby and I ended up pulling it all apart and hiding the remains. Good job and good luck on the beanie :)

Tara said...

I love it!! It is so cute

Lindsay said...

Ahhh!!! SOOO cute! I love it! Wow, you are super talented! I'm so jealous! And seriously, if you still want me to take your cute kids just let me know - any day!!!

genderist said...

Super cute. I want a pic of you wearing it!

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