Saturday, August 14, 2010

Back in the Saddle Again

Seeing as how I'm "officially" off bedrest tomorrow, I've put on a few of those hats I had hung up for the bedrest beast.

Today, I mowed the lawn.  It was fantabulous.  I love mowing our lawn.  Well, first, we have a riding lawn mower.  Second, we have a HUGE and BEAUTIFUL yard.  Mowing our lawn is probably one of the fastest ways to get instant gratification.  Not to mention it smells like heaven.

Last night I did a ton of laundry, cleaned the kids room (I deserve a medal just for that) including cleaning the carpets.  I also scrubbed, that's right, scrubbed the bathroom from top to bottom.  Well, from 5'2" top to bottom. 

I did four loads of blanket laundry at the nifty laundromat (when did going to the laundromat become exciting and fun, almost vacation-like?  Oh yeah, when I had two kids and a washer and dryer in the basement...)

AND STILL NO FREAKING BABY!  All this bedrest for nothing, I say.  Even though I've been having contractions since about 1 a.m. coming every 2 to 3 minutes apart...I just don't feel they're doin' it for me or my cervix.  C'mon, pick it up uterus.  Now's your chance to get back at me for whatever offense you imagine I've made...

Kelly OUT!  Woo hoooooooooo!

(I literally sang "Back in the Saddle Again" while I was mowing the lawn, in between contractions.  It was very exciting.  As you can see, I'm easily pleased.  I have SO missed mowing my lawn!!)


genderist said...

Yay! So excited for you! And three gold stars for your super productivity. If you like you can come mow my yard next. :) And then if you need some more to do to further those contractions along you can help me clean! And if that isn't enough excitement we'll break out the yoga ball and google that eggplant recipe that's supposed to make women go into labor! :)

The Hancuff's said...

try 5ft even my lady;) thats alot of cleaning my friend.

Cheyenne and Seth and Co. said...

I am so excited for you!!! I'm so glad that you are officially done with bedrest, and it must feel oh so good to be able to do things on your own. I'm so glad you got to mow your lawn, and so happy you sang while you did it! and does "back in the saddle again" remind you of Sleepless in Seattle or is that just me? Love you!

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