Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Dear Kimberly,

Once upon a bed rest, I googled "irritable uterus", and your hilarious blog popped up.

You made  me laugh, you made me cry, you became a beacon of sarcasm through the darkness of seriousness that was my life for 20 some odd weeks.

But now my sympathetic suffering has taken on a new meaning.  I've broken out in three different rashes.

Now, they're nothing like your horrible, weeping, wailing, disgusting (sorry) horror of a rash.  But seriously, three different rashes? 

How did you deal, sister?  We are bound by more than our angry baby bags now.  I itch with you, my friend.  I think of you with each satisfyingly painful scratch.  Give me guidance!




Anonymous said...

Dear Kelly's Skin,

Quit being a rashy asshole. Seriously. Don't make the uterus come after you.

I sent you an email my dear. Know that I'm sending you a giant healing hug while wearing a face mask, gown, gloves and a bottle of disinfectant.

De España said...

Kelly, this is a random question, but I have to ask... where did you get the name Cohen? Or, more specifically, did you name him after Seth Cohen from The O.C.? My sister is a HUGE O.C. fan (and I've watched many an episode myself), and she wants to name one of her future sons Cohen after the one from the show. I think it's a cute name too, but I think I'd go with Seth first (so she can have Cohen). Anyway, just wondering.

Kimberly said...

Kelly...where are you. Me worried.


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