Tuesday, August 03, 2010

I Need Duct Tape

Cohen went on his first adventure without us.  Or without telling us.  Or without permission.

You get my drift?

The little slug took off with his partner-in-crime, the little girl who lives next door, to go to the little girls older sisters school.  Catch all that?

To sum up, they took off and we were all frantic.  For a good 45 minutes, which is just under the time it would take to put me into labor due to stress and worry.  Shoot.

So now we have to decide: how to punish the little troll?

We took away his t.v., video games, and computer games.  That's right, our five year old dabbles in all media.  We're no respecter or time wasters.

But he had plans to go to a baseball game tomorrow night with his Papa.  I'm wondering, should we let him go?  Do we punish the old man for Cohen's big naughty?  Cohen's pretty shaken up, but he's not acting really sombre (Brett had a talk with him.  "You need to act sad, like you feel bad for what you've done."  Obviously we don't care if he really feels bad, as long as he tricks us into thinking he does!)

Anywho, what would you do, aside from duct taping him to his bed for the next 20 years?

Kelly Down


Josh and Shalae said...

What a little stinker! I don't know if I would not let him go to the baseball game but I would definately punish him from playing with friends or something for a while! Whatever you choose will be the right decision, I'm sorry you had to go through something like that though. And I would love to hang out with you after baby Chloe is born! I'm sorry I haven't taken your kids from you yet. I only have room for one more in my car so I don't have a way to get them back to my house or home. I would love to take them sometime if we can figure out a way for them to get here though. Please let me know cause I really would like to help if I can!

genderist said...

Oh wow... that's very tough.

I'd probably let him go to the game (not punishing Papa), but make him think you're not going to let him go - let him sweat it out. Then I'd extend how long he's off of the tech for a few more days.

Idunno. Do you think threatening to take away the game would make him realize how bad it was? I think whatever you decide, so long as the levity of running away is impressed on him, you've done the right thing.

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