Friday, August 06, 2010

The Dreams Have Begun

You know those pregnancy dreams? The crazy ones with helium filled floating babies and infants born with tails?

I've managed to avoid them this whole pregnancy.  My mind powers are incredible.  Okay, I've just been lucky.

Last night I had some crazy wicked contractions which would wake me up mid-dream making it oh-so-convenient to remember them all.

Baby girl had teeth and creepy freaky eyes.

Baby girl weighed about 50 pounds.

Baby girl was born, and I couldn't find her, and they wouldn't bring her to me.

Baby girl could WALK two minutes after being born.  For some reason, this was freakiest.

I had to find baby girl so I could nurse, but I couldn't find her, so all my milk dried up and I was sure she was going to die from starvation.  Obviously this wasn't the 50 pound baby girl.

Anyway, hope you all had a less eventful, psycho dream filled night.

Kelly Down


The Finlinsons said...

Man, I'm having crazy dreams lately and I'm not even pregnant anymore! Aren't the dreams funny though?

G said...

First time on your blog, nice :-)

genderist said...

My scariest pregnancy dream was that she was born a floppy baby - like a dishrag. Even swaddling her didn't make her unfloppy.

She was just average newborn baby floppy when she was born, FYI. :)

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