Monday, August 09, 2010

In Honor of Monday

To get from my front door to my couch, you will need to trip over the following:

A pair of high heels that failed to put me into labor yesterday at church.
A satin vampire cape.
A giant turkey roasted (in box).
A bill.  An unopened bill.  My favorite kind.
A big blue IKEA bag containing everything from our mini-van. 

In order to sit on my couch, you'll need to move the following:

A collection of O'Henry short stories.
A pair of black gaucho's.
Better Homes and Gardens New Garden Book
A play ironing board.
A pair of 4T shorts.
My scriptures.
And last but not least, a play ironing board.  Oh, did I already mention that? (Seriously, why is it out here?!).

In order to wake me up from this afternoons nap, you'll risk:
Every working limb on your body.
Your beating heart.
One or both of your eyes, depending on how good my aim is.

G'Night New York!

Kelly OUT!

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